Become A Mentor

What does it take to build a strong community? What role do you have in responding to society’s most pressing challenges?

Research and experience show the power of mentoring to build bridges, break down “otherness” and create lasting, meaningful relationships. Yet one in three young people grow up without a mentor outside their family to help them develop, access opportunities, and thrive.

Relationships matter. Making a connection with a young person in your community will change not only their life, but yours as well.

Qualities of a Good Mentor

What Mentors Do

Beyond the personal fulfillment of contributing to the community and an individual, mentors will develop new skills and insights to navigate complex social challenges.

Become a Mentor

Before you begin exploring the programs that are available, consider your own interests and needs. Finding a mentoring program that ignites your passions can require considerable time and reflection–the good news is that there are options for everyone. The following steps will help you identify a mentoring program that is right for you. To help you decide which type of mentoring program suits your interests, ask yourself the following questions:

Remember to be open and flexible to all the different mentoring programs and focus areas that exist. Once you have reflected on these questions, you are ready to start exploring program options.